The Ethics of Charging User Fees for ART Initiation

Published 24/04/2012
CPD credit available: 6

Case Objective: At the end of this case study, the reader should understand the ethical context of fee for service within HIV management and the impact of associated patient expenditures on patient outcomes. As with all ethics cases, the entry questions are meant to be opportunities to engage in a debate around the issues. The structure allows the user to pick one answer, however it would be advisable to go through all the explanations for each answer, as most answers have correct elements in them. In addition, this case was discussed in the context of early ART roll-out in South Africa, and some elements are historical and no longer apply. This case was discussed by members in the context of the HIV clinicians Society Policy and Ethics forum and was modified for online format by Regina Osih, Gesine Meyer-Rath and Marlise Richter.


Instructions: This activity is an interactive learning activity and will give you an overview and detailed answers to the questions. Each case is separated into several sections, and only one section is visible at a time. Each section is concluded by a multiple choice question, where you will have to select the most appropriate answer. If this answer is not correct, you will be given the opportunity to re-select another answer.

After all the questions have been answered, there will be a post-test questionnaire in order to qualify for CPD points. Only users registered as members of the Southern African HIV Clinicians Society may obtain CPD points. If you are not a member and would like to join, please apply online.