Clinical Case Studies

The Southern African HIV Clinicians Society (SAHCS) online clinical cases are geared at providing excellent continuing medical education for members of SAHCS. This activity has been created to offer clinicians working in the HIV realm access to online education. Cases are written by experienced HIV specialists and can range from general adult HIV/TB through specialist paediatric cases to other related infectious diseases encountered when managing patients with HIV.

Cases can either be marked with one, two or three stars. One star cases are basic cases directed towards clinicians who are new to the practice of HIV or who intend to start providing HIV care. They are also appropriate for clinicians who have more experience but who do not see HIV positive patients on a routine basis and would like to refresh their knowledge around the management of key HIV-related conditions.

Cases marked with two stars are meant for clinicians who work daily with HIV positive patients but would not consider themselves experts in the field. Cases marked with 3 stars are meant for clinicians who provide comprehensive HIV care currently and/or are specialists in the field of HIV and infectious disease. Each clinical case study is accredited for 3 CPD points through the Health Professions Council of South Africa; ethics case studies are accredited for 6 points. While the activity is open to all users of the website, only members of the Society can redeem CPD points for successfully completing the activity.


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